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Ye Chen traveled through a parallel world and became an unknown extra.

I finally signed up to participate in the popular variety show “What is Acting”, but in the first audition, I met a small internet celebrity who used the back door.

He was manipulated in the dark and got the most difficult script.

I want to play a perverted murderer who killed dozens of people.

At the critical moment, the “drama becomes real” system was successfully bound.

【Ding! Deduction target: perverted murderer, congratulations to the host! 】

What the hell!

Therefore, relying on real killing techniques and on-the-spot performance, Ye Chen successfully advanced to the audition competition after defeating a small internet celebrity.

After the game, Yaoyaoling took him away directly.

Fortunately, the character can be switched back at will. After a misunderstanding, Ye Chen has successfully become popular on the Internet!

Netizen: [If this guy hadn’t killed twenty people, he wouldn’t have been able to produce such an effect! 】

Murderer: [Did he meet the ancestor? 】


From then on, when he played a cook, he became the master chef of the state banquet. When he played the second generation of rich people, he became the top second generation of rich people. When he played the role of Wu Zuo, he really did the work of Wu Zuo!

A few days later, someone came to him with the script of “The Romance of the Gods”: “Brother Chen, give me some face and help me make a cameo in a scene, just play Dao Zu Hongjun! ”

Ye Chen: “… ”

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