The fake daughter is so rebellious that she goes crazy and scolds you.

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[True and fake daughter + madness + evil + sand sculpture + metaphysics + group pet]

Going crazy is the only way to save yourself.

Wen Yu instantly became a fake rich man and still has tens of millions in debt. What should we do?

What can I do? If she doesn’t pay it back, she won’t pay it back!

If she can live, live, if she can’t, then die. Anyway, she died once.

The next second thunder sounded.

Isn’t it okay for her to pay back the money?

In her previous life, she deserved to enjoy the Ancestral Temple, but in this life, she deserves to enjoy the dog cave.

So Wen Yu used her beauty and talent to start live broadcast fortune telling, and within a month she became the top female anchor on the platform.

She goes crazy on the live broadcast, asking for prices, and making everything up with her kid.

But I didn’t expect that there are more and more big brothers in the live broadcast room…

Later, one day during the live broadcast, the door of her house was forced open by strong men.

Wen Yu smiled: Now the money is rolling in, so don’t blame me for being rude!

“You’re done. You can’t leave without 1000 million. The babies in my live broadcast room are all watching. ”

As soon as he lay down on the ground and started acting up, he was immediately carried away.

“Sister, our family is not short of your 1000 million. When you go home, there will be many 1000 million waiting for your favor! ”

Wen Yu followed him with a confused look on his face, and did some fortune-telling for himself on the way.

good good!

This incredible wealth is finally her turn!

She is the real daughter of the richest family. Watching her live broadcast at home, they knew she loved money, so they built a wall with gold.

As soon as he entered the house, he was directly hugged by his biological father Meng Yunting and said: “I am a daughter’s slave, I am a wife and son. Anyone who dares to bully you is against me, Meng Yunting! My property belongs to my daughter! ”

Meng Jingchuan: OK, OK, they all belong to my sister.

The hot search exploded the next day. The real daughter of the Meng family who had been missing for 20 years returned home. This news caused a sensation for two generations.

Human World: Is it too late to hug Wen Yu’s thigh?

Hell: It’s over. This aunt is not short of money and is coming to Hell again…

Immediately afterwards, the world-famous Lu Jinhuai publicly posted on his blog: This is my Mrs. Lu, you can’t get involved.

A marriage certificate with a picture…

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