The Extra Will Now Leave The Stage

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The Extra Will Now Leave The Stage

After 4 years of being an extra in the novel, all the preparations needed for escaping are now complete.

The daughter of Hamilton’s family, who was known as troublesome, has no aristocratic dignity or presence.

She was Alice until yesterday.

Now, if I want something, I should boldly get it!

“What do you want?”

“Please take me to the Nakran Empire!”

The Duke of Nakran arrives at the Erha Empire after receiving a special order from the emperor.

Alice sees Lawrence as an opportunity, therefore offering a contract without hesitation.

Alice’s goal is to go to Nakran Empire; a place where no one knows her.

Living comfortably with the wealth she has accumulated so far.

She only needs to take the magic tools that she had collected as a hobby, the money she earned from her skills then leave this place!

“I want Alice Hamilton and I can’t let her go to someone else.”

No, I thought we’d part ways coolly when we got to the Empire?!


She stretched out her hand as if possessed by his well-defined jawline.

Lawrence flinched at the sensation but did not look away from her. The slow movements as she traced the line of his jaw.


The corner of Lawrence’s mouth went up slightly at her words of pure admiration. He didn’t know if she was referring to his chin or the moonlight when she said it was nice, but Lawrence decided to think that way.

“So are you.”


Lawrence bit his tongue at the words that involuntarily escaped from his lips. Alice, who left the Marquis of Hamilton’s residence, knew how to put on a pretty smile and how to draw a happy face.

As the moonlight poured over her, she shone so bright that she did not dare to covet its beauty.

“You are beautiful, too.”

Lawrence whispered quietly.

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