The end of the world: Hundreds of billions of supplies and arms were looted from the United States a

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Story of: The end of the world: Hundreds of billions of supplies and arms were looted from the United States at the beginning The beginning of sci-fi reb

[Rebirth at the end of the world + zombies + hoarding supplies and arms + beautiful women + ruthless virgins + mid-to-late stage abilities] Yuyue got sick, and at first no one cared about this illness. Until a young man came to Yuyue, a storm broke out within three days. “I just got off the plane in the United States. I went back to the seven days before the end. I was a little nervous about my first zero-dollar purchase. Do I have to start from a small supermarket? Wait online, hurry! ” “What? Just ransacking the supermarket is a bit too much? Then I Got it. ” Pay attention, the man in front of you is called Xiaoshuai. In just one minute at the beginning, he looted the world’s largest warehouse of supplies and arms worth hundreds of billions, yes, hundreds of billions, beautiful swords! “My name is Feng Yukong, you can also call me Feng Qianyi. ” Three days later, he returned home with hundreds of billions of supplies and arms to kill enemies and zombies, firepower was king, and he lived only for himself in this life! At this point, the young man embarked on a self-centered path to the end of the world. ——-(Additional introduction) —— Just a question! Who doesn’t love a desert just for tough guys? Who doesn’t like the Ak47 that shoots every second? Who doesn’t like the extremely penetrating M4a1? What, don’t like it? Well, I admit that your vision is very high, but when I bring out the devastating Gatling waist and the heavy sniper Barrett that can penetrate ten at once, how should you respond? There is always a dish that is yours, here are all men’s dreams, and today we – want them all!

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