The Eight Desolate Divine Fires Are Awakened At The Beginning, And The School Beauty Cries For Recon

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Lin Hao traveled through a world where auras were revived, but he didn’t awaken his powers at the beginning, and was tragically broken up by the school beauty.

The next moment, the system arrived, and Lin Hao awakened his first S-level power, the Eight Desolate Divine Fires, and he cheated all the way from then on!

Lin Hao: “This is the worst decision you have ever made in your life! ”

The school beauty cried to death and begged for reconciliation.

Lin Hao awakened his second S-level power, Space Storm.

The third S-level power, thundering in all directions

The fourth S-level ability, dead wood becomes spring again

The fifth S-level ability, time and space confinement

All S-level abilities are upgraded to SSS level!

From then on, Lin Hao left behind one legend after another:

Led the team to dominate the top three in the national martial arts examination

Destroy the beast tide alone.

If you become a tutor before school starts, how can you continue to study? Do you sign in and name yourself?

College hasn’t even started yet, and he’s already invincible! He became the honorary principal and had more power than the principal.

Principal: If you have important decisions, don’t come to me. Go to Principal Lin Hao. Don’t bother me fishing. Thank you.

Instructor: Principal Lin Hao, my lectures shouldn’t disturb your sleep, right? If what I say is wrong, you must not deduct my salary and bonus!

Countless prodigies: Even if I give Lin Hao shoes, he doesn’t want them.

Rich family: When Lin Hao asked me to surrender, I didn’t seize the opportunity!

Western superpowers: The SSS-class mechas and aerial battleships that we are proud of were turned into scrap metal with one punch by Lin Hao.

Fierce beast: Lin Hao is not a human at all. He punches a ferocious beast, which is even more ferocious than our ferocious beasts. As long as Lin Hao is here, we will never be able to defeat humans.

Beast King: Lin Hao, is it too late to be your beast slave now?

Interstellar Invader: We are dead, Blue Star is a cosmic civilization disguised as a planetary civilization!

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