The Daily Life of Farming and Raising Children in Ancient Mountain Residences

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Sang Luo traveled through time and started with a broken thatched hut and two children who were so hungry that they lost their looks.

It doesn’t matter whether you are poor or a widow. What’s better than losing your life?

As for the lack of food at home, with hands, feet, and vast mountains, was there still a fear of starvation? Sang Luo wasn’t afraid; she rolled up her sleeves and got to work!


Shen Lie was pushed by his third uncle to serve in the military. After more than two years, when he returned to the village, the villagers were shocked to see him alive.

Upon inquiry, they found out that not only had he “died,” but he also gained an unseen wife. Moreover, his wife and two younger siblings were all divided up and given away by his third uncle and aunt. They lived here when the Shen family was exiled. I was in the makeshift thatched cottage in the mountains.

A shabby thatched cottage like that can’t kill people on this windy and snowy day?

He didn’t bother to go home and question him; he suppressed his anger and hurried to the mountains. When he arrived in front of the thatched cottage in the wind and snow, he could hardly recognize it as the place where he had lived.

This is a little different from what he thought…

The house has obviously been repaired and is no longer as dilapidated as before. A high courtyard wall has been built with yellow mud outside the house, and an extra stove has been built in the courtyard.It was dinner time when a young woman came out of the kitchen carrying a bowl of hot food, followed by two children carrying rice, bowls, and chopsticks. As soon as they saw each other, the two children’s eyes widened, then they yelled “big brother” and rushed out.

What if a husband falls from the sky? Waiting online is quite urgent.

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