The Crown Prince’s New Female Staff

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Xie Yu, a daughter, walks over the rivers, lakes, and the court halls, upholding the lord’s decree, and is good at restraining violence with violence. She leads the Xie family army and guards at the northern end of Sai.

Qi Liangye, the crown prince of the dynasty, has been in charge of the government for three years and has worked hard to govern. He asked Xie Yu to be a courtier.

Xie Yu is a strange girl. She is mysterious, her power is unknown, and she holds the Order of the Lord of Jianghu.

At this time, Wang Yue, a courtier, was lawless in the capital. Qi Liangye was afraid of Wang Yue’s Jianghu people. In desperation, he used a decree to summon and invite Xie Yu out of the mountain and go to the capital.

The crown prince thought that the patriarch of the Xie family was a man. But after the person came, Qi Liangye watched her slay an assassin with her bare hands and then nodded in satisfaction.

Male lead: I love you!

Heroine: Don’t love me, it’s fruitless.

Male lead: Be the crown princess of Gu!

Heroine: I am destined to be a lone wolf in Sai. No one should stop my dedication to my country.

At a banquet one day, Xie Yu was drunk and Qi Liangye was drunk. Then everything happened all night.

Heroine: Which bastard gave me this medicine?!

Male lead: I’m so happy, Ah Yu is finally mine.

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