The criminals looked so similar to each other that fans asked me how many years I had been squatting

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After An Ning’s death, he traveled to a different world. While he was impoverished, he was also bound to a criminal system. At the beginning, he was awarded the human trafficker skill, and he immediately reached the maximum level. He was either rich in the presidential suite or in a luxurious single room in the prison to observe the public sentiment.

An Ning: I talk about wanting to die, but I don’t really want to die.

As an actor, she was reborn as an actor who was criticized by the entire Internet for her lack of acting skills. An Ning was preparing to show off her talents and blind the eyes of netizens with her acting skills, but was told that she had been blocked by major directors.

Want to act? Okay, corpse, murderer… you can choose any psychopath.

After struggling for a week, An Ning convinced herself: Just play a mentally ill person, and actors must learn to sacrifice.

After getting started, things get smoother and smoother. Murderer? Human trafficker? Robber? Gang boss? Although I don’t know how to do it, I have a system.

When the movies and TV series she acted in were released, An Ning’s name shot to the top of the hot search list, followed closely by the entry “It doesn’t look like her acting, it is recommended to investigate carefully”

Netizen 1: “My brother works in the police station and is a frequent visitor to Anning Police Station. I suggest a strict investigation. ”

Netizen 2: “No, just in An Ning’s state, I believe you when you say she is really crazy… ”

Netizen 3: “Anyone who often kills people knows that An Ning’s method of committing crimes is not like the acting. ”

When a photo of An Ning standing at the door of the police station one day with dozens of police officers standing beside her was posted online, the news that she was a frequent visitor to the police station spread like wildfire. The entire Internet was heatedly discussing when the news of An Ning’s arrest would be released. The Lord of Time appears

@安宁V: Not being arrested, we are all friends

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