The Creator Transmigrates Into the Second Personality of A Scumbag

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Su Ke, the young master of the Heartless Sect in the world of cultivation, has been seeking the path of Dao all his life and has no desires or demands. But at the last step, he encountered a bottleneck.

If he doesn’t understand love first, how can he stop love? How can he be heartless?

To attain enlightenment as soon as possible, Su Ke constructed a world with his own hands and put his own incarnation in it. He would experience family, friendship, and love on his behalf. He would enjoy glory and wealth in the first half of his life, only to lose everything he gained in the second half. In the end, he couldn’t get what he longed for and died of depression.

Su Ke only needs to be attached to him when the world is ending to feel and absorb these emotions so that he can let nature take its course and achieve heartlessness.

Little does he know that, as the creator of this world, everyone in this world will be naturally attracted to him.

Everyone who sees him will feel affectionate toward him from the bottom of their hearts and fall in love with him.

Thus, when Su Ke attached himself to his incarnation, the scum gong of this world, everyone thought that Su Ke was the second personality of the villain scum gong.

He is different; he deserves to be doted on by all!

The villain scum gong, who is supposed to deeply love another person, has a sinister look on his face: “If I continue to pretend to like others, you won’t leave me, right?”

The older brothers, who were supposed to hate him, declared: “Su Ke is our younger brother. They are different, and we will never allow anyone to snatch him away.”

The protagonist who should’ve been afraid of him said: “Why is Su Ke the second personality? He should be the main personality, seeing all the beauty of the world.”

The protagonist’s gong, who should’ve given him his final ending: “Why won’t your eyes ever look at other people?”

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