The Crazy Killer Whale’s Favourite Penguin


Born as a penguin, I miraculously succeeded in humanizing.

The problem was that the magic tower lord who raised me hates Suin.

I ran away because I was afraid that my identity as a Suin would be discovered…

Somehow, a self-proclaimed penguin lover discovered my identity.

The killer whale Suin, Suradel.

He looked at me with a rough sweep of his hair. The glowing red eyes were darkening.

“Ha… Your crazy eyes, they’re the best.”

It’s not eyes, it’s just white fur.

“Can I touch your belly?”

Can you? When he said that he wanted to touch my precious belly, I got angry and pecked him with my beak…

Oddly enough, he had a somewhat overwhelmed expression on his face.

“Oh, my gosh. Did you just kiss me?”

…I think I got it wrong. I was caught by a madman, not a penguin lover.

The magic tower lord stared at Suradel with scorching eyes.

“Take it off, Suradel.”

In a tone similar to a command, Suradel’s eyes fluttered slightly.

“…I’m sorry, but my taste is a ferocious female penguin.”

—It’s not a human male like you.

At the small words he added, the magic tower lord’s eyes grew even harsher.

“So, are you hiding a runaway penguin in your clothes?”

Well. Had I known this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have asked Suuradel to hide me.

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