The Chef’s Hidden Blessings


Rookie hospital cook Jungdon had always wished he could do more for the patients who ate his food, but he never imagined the Roman goddess Ceres would answer his prayers, or that she’d name him her priest on earth! Now Jungdon’s new, noble mission is to bless people with his cooking and gather enough good karma to restore Ceres’s powers. As he works miracles with his dishes, he’s more inspired than ever in his journey to becoming a world-renowned chef. What’s troubling, though, is that the goddess won’t tell him why she needs all this power in the first place.

Meanwhile, a mysterious enemy inches ever closer to the duo…

Will Jungdong’s cooking and Ceres’s divine powers be enough to brave the storm that lies ahead?

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Sep 30, 2021Smutty
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Sep 30, 2021Smutty
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