The cause of cultivating immortals is on my shoulders, and my junior sister is the leader.

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[Soul-Passing Immortality + Strong Female + Relaxation + Space]

Qing He was originally a well-known female war goddess in the heaven, but she transformed into a wasted cannon fodder female partner in the world of immortality. She went from being a talented and talented woman to a rookie in the lowland of cultivation.

The original owner abandoned his home and country because of his crazy love, and worked as a handyman in the Guiyun Sect in order to be a loving dog licker. He was rejected and ostracized, and was eventually persecuted and Guixi, becoming a joke in the entire world of immortality!

The female God of War counterattacks with her soul space, cuts off evil ties, tears apart scumbag men with her own hands, has all the rare treasures in her hand, and she has all the wealth in the world.

I accidentally worshiped the Qingfeng Gate, which has many monsters but is extremely mysterious, but I didn’t expect that it was in a dilapidated state and was heavily in debt!

The most powerful one in the rumors is just the leader’s marketing method!

Song Qinghe: I have money and brains. If you hang out with me, even a loser can rise to the top!

From then on, the miraculous medicine that everyone was flocking to was eaten like jelly beans by the brothers.

The legendary fairy grass is used by the brothers to soak their feet.

The whole hall is filled with secret books of mental techniques that others are fighting for.

During the off-mood season, go into the deep forest, subdue birds of prey, get elixirs, and escape from the tiger’s mouth.

From then on, the entire sect soared into the sky, shocking the entire world of immortality cultivation.

The sinister double-faced senior brother: Who wants to bully you when there is no one behind you? Behind you is the entire Qingfengmen!

Second Brother, Lord of the Holy Land: I said I am destined to be destined to you.

Third Brother Qing Leng Medical Dao: Want to bully her? Why not ask my silver needle first.

The domineering and ruthless Fourth Brother: If they dare to abandon you again, then I will slaughter all of them.

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