The Cannon Fodder Becomes a Smart and Stunning Young Lady

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Xiang Wan transmigrated into a book and became a cannon fodder character who only appeared once!

She was originally a top-tier heiress from a prestigious modern family. After her mother’s early death, her father squandered her mother’s money daily with his mistress, resulting in several illegitimate children.

In order to secure her position as the young heiress of the Xiang family, she had to outwardly pretend to be an excellent and knowledgeable heiress, internally act as a filial granddaughter and daughter, and occasionally engage in power struggles with her half-siblings.

Despite the hardships, she couldn’t let go of her mother’s possessions, not a single one!

Unfortunately, just before she could reclaim her inheritance, she accidentally fell into the water during a gathering. When she woke up, she realized she had transmigrated into a book, and her identity was that of a noble young lady from the 1970s?

She was incredibly beautiful and came from a remarkable family, yet she wasn’t the female lead? She was just a cannon fodder character?

Xiang Wan couldn’t accept it.

But when she saw the 100 billion cash locked in the System, Xiang Wan regained her motivation!

Indulging in a life of food, drink, pleasure, and luxury was what she should be living!

Complete a task for a hundred thousand dollars? She had to do it! However many there were, she would complete them all! Various luxury goods for just a few hundred bucks? She would take them all!

Later, as the market opened up, while everyone, including the main characters in the book, was doing business, Xiang Wan drove luxury cars, lived in mansions, embraced her handsome husband, counted her precious gemstones, and lived a joyfully happy life!

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