The Beautiful Drama Queen Has Transmigrated

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System informed that Shen Yuntang had transmigrated into a very nosy drama queen female support role in a Mary Sue novel.

“You transmigrated into someone who has to use fresh milk to take a bath, and has to change chef every three days; you abuse your husband’s younger brother that lives in your home, who will actually become a big boss in the future; and you are the great drama queen who often makes trouble in your big boss husband’s company.

In the end, you were slapped in the face by being compared with the gentle and warm as a sunshine heroine. You were hated by everyone and ended up miserably! ”

Shen Yuntang frowned beautifully: “I don’t wanna..”

System: “Then listen to me, start by pleasing the younger brother…”

Shen Yuntang: “Milk bath has a fishy smell, I only use 80,000 yuan per gram pure handmade essential oils.”

Shen Yuntang: “My chef has been learning and improving every day to please my taste since ten years ago, the cuisine changes along with my mood, and I am not used to outsiders.”

Shen Yuntang: “What younger brother, you have to abide by my rules when you live in my house. I don’t like having the light on at home during my beauty sleep. Can he go to bed at eight pm? If he can’t then get the hell out.”

Shen Yuntang: “Husband? Who cares?”

System: “…,, Is the original owner a drama queen or she is the actual drama queen???”

Shen Yuntang woke up with a cold face, looked at the gloomy-eyed young man beside the bed, and said lazily, “Don’t you have hands? Put on my shoes.”

The younger brother who was reborn, was abused to death in his previous life, and was about to take revenge: “…?”

The big boss husband who refused to see her thousands of miles away came home, and was about to coldly teach this unreasonable woman a lesson.

Shen Yuntang: “Hold me up. The soles of my shoes are worth more than 200,000 yuan, they must not get wet.”

Shen Yuntang: “Haven’t you eaten? Why are you so weak?”

Husband with net worth hundreds of billions yuan: “…?”

Then my freaking handmade suit can get wet?

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