The Beast That Took My Leash


An undesirable princess. A damsel with nothing but a pretty face. Persecuted in her homeland, Stella is about to be sold as a tribute as soon as she comes of age. Until, in a moment of desperation, she meets a man.

“I’m looking for something important. I need you, Princess, to help me.”

The man who kidnaps Stella with this bizarre demand is a northerner with leaps and bounds in physical development. He’s also a man who’ll turn into a monster due to a curse passed down from his ancestor.

“Do you think I can help you break the curse?”

“Yes. Please be kind to this man who will turn into a monster in less than a year.”

Easley gives her the end of three months to find the gem he needs to break the curse tied to his blood.

Time passes in a blur, and Stella feels an uncanny affinity for the man isolated from the world. Until an oracle comes down that says he needs her sacrifice, not the gem, to prevent him from turning into a monster.

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