The Arrogant Young Master Became Obedient After Being Bullied

The Arrogant Young Master Became Obedient After Being Bullied
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Chen Ju, a high school student, is a fearless bully. Relying on his family’s wealth, he shamelessly pursued Jiang Zhou, a transfer student. He would wait at the classroom door after class and block him at the school gate after school. Unexpectedly, Jiang Zhou didn’t appreciate it. Chen Ju, feeling embarrassed and angry, used his cunning to find leverage and threatened Jiang Zhou to be in a relationship with him.

However, one day, a drastic change occurred in Chen Ju’s family. He went from being a young master whom everyone supported to being a burden that everyone despised. A few years later, Chen Ju transformed into an obedient child.

At a class reunion, Chen Ju met Jiang Zhou, who had become a big boss. The disparity in status and relationship made Chen Ju hesitate, and he could only dare secretly like him.

However, Jiang Zhou, who had always ignored him, seemed like a different person. He was very kind to Chen Ju. When Chen Ju was immersed in this happiness, he accidentally learned the truth. It turned out that Jiang Zhou came to him for revenge.

Heartbroken, Chen Ju cut off all contact with Jiang Zhou and left that place. However, a few months later, while he was eating a big watermelon at his grandfather’s house, he looked up and saw Jiang Zhou, dressed in a suit and leather shoes, standing outside the yard.

“Little Orange, I was wrong. Come back with me, okay?” Jiang Zhou’s eyes were affectionate, and his tone was gentle.

Initially cold, terrible, and sharp-tongued, later becomes gentle and dotes on his wife Gong×Initially innocent and adorable, a pampered young master, later becomes timid, naturally stuttering, and pitiful Shou

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