The Age of Rebirth: The down-and-out Bai Fumei counterattacks the art troupe

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[Bai Fumei in the provincial capital × salesperson from the rural supply and marketing cooperative]

In her previous life, Shen Chunan was pampered since she was a child, read a lot of poetry and books, and was forced to marry a rough man from the country. She was very dissatisfied and started acting like a monster. She did not understand the benefits of Lu Changcheng to her, so she died miserably and became a madman in the eyes of others. Mother-in-law.

In this life, she rose to the challenge, shot many commercials for state-owned enterprises, became the captain of the song and dance team of an art troupe, and by the way regained her original white and rich life.

What should I do if I can’t get a room allocation? She conquered leaders with her beauty.

What should I do if the Shen family collapses? She took the college entrance examination and successfully counterattacked.

But Lu Changcheng was immersed in the panic of eating his wife’s soft rice, and gradually forgot his nature of greed for money and hatred.


If only love were so easy to say.

Shen Chunan has never told Lu Changcheng that I like you in all his life.

Until there was a car accident, I sat next to Lu Changcheng and watched his breathing gradually calm down.

I learned that some of the happiest things are when the people you love are still around.

And he hasn’t given up on you yet.


Lu Changcheng didn’t make any money.

He looked at his beautiful wife with worry, “Honey, am I hopeless? ”

Unexpectedly, Shen Chunan waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, I’ll take care of you. ”

Okay, if you become the goddess of literature and art, I will also start a career.


This is a story that occupies a lot of color in the history of Chinese literature and art.

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