That vampire human lady is so fierce!

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Yun Qingchen was originally a genius doctor in the 21st century. Later, because of a mysterious ring that fell into the sky, she traveled to the world of immortality.

When she was promoted to the Great Consummation, she was framed, and the mysterious ring finally saved her soul, allowing her to find the other half of her soul and be reborn. However, she suffered a disaster due to a fight between gods and gods, and she fell into another world.

Well, that’s okay, she can live a prosperous life in this Western world.

Tell fortunes for vampires, read faces for werewolves, and make elixirs for wizards, these are all a breeze!

In this other world, she is still gorgeous, but there is always a vampire coveting her.

“Your blood is very sweet. ”

“I’m so hungry. ” A certain vampire lay on her shoulder and said aggrievedly.

Yun Qingchen, who had already had his blood sucked once, was silent for a moment and tilted his head silently: “You drink it. ”

The usually cold-hearted Yun Qingchen completely fell into the gentle trap created by this vampire.

The other vampires couldn’t bear to look at it.

It’s embarrassing to say it, but their leader actually fell in love with food!

One day, Yun Qingchen pulled over his vampire and said a little embarrassedly: “My parents said they wanted to propose a marriage, a betrothal gift, and… a visit to the court. ”

In fact, they have already been married in the doves flying, in the holy church, and in the whispers of the priest.

Later, when Yun Qingchen couldn’t defeat her parents and her own vampires, they got married again in Fengguan Xiapei, Shili Hongzhuang, and Three Bows in the High Hall.


“My roses will never fade. ”


“We share the quilt when we are alive, and we share the same cave when we die. Time is like a river, and we will never abandon each other. ”

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