Tears All Over The Place: Cold Ruler’s Only Love

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This is not a romantic story nor a clingy story
This is a story where you shead your tears and laugh at the same time . This story will play with your emotions , there will be a time where you hate the Ml and there will also be a time where you will hate the Mc for being weak but there is one thing I want to tell you our Mc is not weak it just because of her love for our male lead

” The most beautiful thing in my life is to meet you even if all I could have was to breath the air you breathe , never to hold you within my arm, if only we could change the time..because I met the right person at the wrong time..
Eventhough I am not the women in your heart will you still remember the feeling when your with me , do you still remember our great time or that just nothing to you “. – Liu Li

He is cold to the absolute, a lone person with fierce ambitions. Because of one catastrophe, feelings have been planted in her heart for him. Touching love, went through life and death together, but she was still unable to break the ice in his heart.

She is his most obscure secret; she is also the woman he hates the most. All his love he gave to another woman, except he was reluctant to let her leave…….

Inside the dragon curtain, he is embracing the woman he loves the most while she is silently waiting outside the chamber

Liu Li met an accident and died but when she open her eyes again she reaincarnated into Su Qing Qian’s body the legitimate daughter of the prime minster Su . This is a story about how a modern women struggle in the ancient time and finally find love eventhought she know he and her are not meant to be

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