Talent Awakening: Initiation Monkey Evolves to Monkey King

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This book is also called “Beast Taming for All: Awakening the Top Ten SSS Talents at the Start”

In the era of national beast control, monsters are rampant. Fortunately, humans can awaken their natural contracted beast control and compete with the monsters when they reach adulthood.

Some people have awakened their F-level talents, and there is no hope of evolving the beasts, so they can only become ordinary people.

Someone awakens the C-level talent, and the beast control can exert power beyond the body, which is extremely powerful.

Someone awakens S-level talent, becomes a top powerhouse with beast control, and becomes a human being.

As soon as Ye Feng traveled through time, he awakened the top ten SSS-level talents at the beginning, and he could choose any beast he wanted.

[Eye of the Soul: Insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the beast, and discover its ultimate evolutionary direction].

[Cultivation Feedback: Infuse the beast with cultivation, and the host will receive the same cultivation back, with a probability of triggering a critical hit].

[Terror Devouring: The beast-controller can devour creatures and has a probability of permanently acquiring the creature’s own skills. If a creature is lower than the beast-master realm, it can be killed directly through devouring].

[Talent plunder: Every time you kill a life, you will randomly get one of the opponent’s talents].


When everyone was not optimistic about it, Ye Feng gave up the choice of Gao Xing to control the beast, contracted with the Great Ape King and trained him to become the Monkey King.

The mythical Monkey King, the World Tree with one leaf and one world, the Golden Crow that burns the sky and destroys the earth, and Kunpeng who controls the way of space and power. This is an era that only belongs to Ye Feng. In this era, the gods Retreat, and all realms surrender.

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