System, Don’t Worry! The Spiritual Energy Has Really Not Recovered!

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[Revival of spiritual energy + high martial arts + system + horizontal push + invincibility + funny + not the Holy Mother]

[Congratulations to the host! The host’s momentum is unparalleled! The peerless swordsman surrenders on his own initiative! Reward the Heavenly Sword Technique! 】

Looking at the young man in front of him who was holding a wooden sword, with a confused look on his face, and shouting that he wanted to teach him the supreme swordsmanship, Xiao Yao had black lines all over his head. Look at how he looked like a peerless swordsman.

[Congratulations to the host! The host is so powerful that he subdues the evil lord! Reward the Supreme Demon Golden Body! 】

No… I just take a bus, catch a thief, and become a uniformed demon lord?

[Congratulations to the host! The host’s luck exploded, and he was delighted to receive the Red Sky Dragon Flame Fruit! Cultivation +999! 】

Xiao Yao took a bite of the big apple in his hand. Not to mention it was quite crispy and sweet. The problem was that there was another box in front of him. How to deal with this?

A year later, the spiritual energy revived, the world changed drastically, the beasts turned into monsters, and the vegetation turned into spirits.

There is also an ancient immortal sect that appears to suppress the human world, taking the common people as slaves and overlooking all living beings.

Blue Star was devastated and plunged into dire straits.

Xiao Yao bound the system in advance, but the spiritual energy had not yet recovered.

He is crazily improving his realm in his daily life.

Eating an apple is a spiritual creature in the future, and your realm will skyrocket.

After teaching a naughty kid a lesson, he found out that he was the future sword master and immediately fooled him.

Helping an old lady subdue a pickpocket, she turns out to be a future demonic lord.

Xiao Yao was overjoyed, his cultivation skyrocketed, and he was gifted with peerless martial arts and martial arts skills.

When the spiritual energy is completely revived, the ancient immortal sect comes to the world and wants to enslave the common people.

But he was surprised to find that there was a young man who ruled the world alone.

“Why does a peerless ancient saint exist in this mediocre world! Mom! I want to go home! ”

“Hello! Ancient Sage! Goodbye! Ancient Sage!

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