Super-divine civilization begins with the civilian use of dark energy technology

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Also known as “Science and Technology of Great Powers Start from Agriculture”, it includes the rise of grassroots, farming, agricultural technology, civil technology, enriching the people, strengthening the country, aerospace, and interstellar exploration.

68% of the universe is dark energy, 28% is dark matter, and the remaining 4% is common ordinary matter.

Dark matter is the bones, and dark energy is the flesh and blood, which together support the entire universe.

Dark energy is like compressed air, driving the expansion of the universe.

Dark energy is everywhere, blending into everything and strengthening everything.

If you control dark energy, you will control the universe. A civilization that completely controls dark energy is called a super-divine civilization!

Jiang Fan, an ordinary college student born in a rural area, had a strong desire to live with his family, so he activated the auxiliary brain of Xinhuo Academy to inherit dark energy technology.

According to Jiang Fan’s wishes, Auxiliary Brain gave him dark energy fertilizer technology.

He returned to the countryside without hesitation and developed agriculture.

Special fertilizer for strawberries, special fertilizer for rice, special fertilizer for wheat…

Revitalize Chinese agriculture in one fell swoop.

Dark energy fertilizer technology converts dark energy into energy that plants can use, shortening the growth cycle of crops, improving nutritional value, and increasing yields.

Plant genetic modification technology decomposes water into oxygen and hydrogen; the plant fibers grown are comparable to carbon nanotubes; the leaves collect water from the air to improve the desert environment…

High energy storage battery increases the tram’s range tenfold.

With high energy-absorbing materials, the conversion rate of solar panels increases tenfold, and mountainous areas no longer lack electricity.

Dark energy fertilizers, plant genetic modification… high energy storage batteries, high energy absorbing materials, 1 nanometer chips… controllable nuclear fusion, spaceships… super-divine civilization.

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