Super-dimensional national luck marriage, playing badass fox at the beginning

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Story of: Super-dimensional national luck marriage, playing badass fox at the beginning

[National Luck Marriage] + [European Emperor] + [Original Batch] + [Star Iron] The world has changed, and the National Luck Marriage Game has arrived. The player will appear on a flying island. Every day the flying island will sail freely and encounter different random flying islands. Players can set foot on various special islands. If it is a pink marriage island, they can perform a marriage ceremony with goddesses of different races in thousands of dimensions and obtain national luck rewards. On other islands, there are hidden mysteries, such as treasure chests that can make people fly into the sky, extremely lethal monsters or even bosses, and adventure-type dungeon islands. By chance, Qi Ming became a player representing the East, and he could see various fortunes at the beginning. [Pink Cloud Marriage Island: Sign up, good luck! It contains the eternal couple, the bloodline of the fox god, and the fox! ] [Golden Treasure Island, wealth luck: good luck! There is a diamond treasure chest inside, which can be opened to become the Diamond European Emperor! 】 As a result, super goddesses who had appeared in various dimensions, such as Fox Fox, General Shadow Treasure, Kafka, Dva, etc. , Appeared next to Qi Ming one after another. Qi Ming continued to explore the flying island, bravely traveled to the heavens, collected stronger equipment, and improved his flying island and strength. While other players are still struggling to survive, shivering in the cold night, Qi Ming is already enjoying a good life on the flying island. 【Cheating! I’m going to sue him for cheating! He must be cheating, why can he be super strong? ] [Hello, we are not in the same world, we are not playing the same game! 】 I am the European Emperor, rising in the East!

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