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I, Sifengyuan Yilong, an ordinary branch of a declining nobleman, a sunny and cheerful boy.

Relying on the solid strength of the vice-captain level, after the head of the Ye family left, he was recommended as the vice-captain of the second team by the family that was about to decline.

Relying on diligence, hard work, and some insignificant small credits, Mao 46 Room thinks highly of me and entrusts me with a heavy responsibility to establish a monitoring organization in the second team, so as to better serve the soul world and assist all departments. The team completes the task.


I don’t know why, but some captains think I’m Mao’s dog in Room 46, persecuting Gotei [-].

I don’t know why, but Captain Broken Bee also doubts me, and even thinks that I’m hiding my strength.

I don’t know why, but the old Patriarch quietly came back and questioned that I am not from the Sifengyuan family at all.

I don’t know why, but my most respected Mr. Yamamoto in Seireitei is wary of me…

Even now that there is a travel accident in the world of corpses and souls, you actually ask me, why is the head of the travel disaster boy also gray-haired?

Why don’t you ask Toshiro?

For these false slanders, I will defend them one by one!

I’m just a sunny and cheerful boy, what does this have to do with me…

Ps: This book mainly refers to the original design of comics and official novels (mainly the four nobles) . Original animation and game plots are used as references. It involves the setting of official novels. Considering that many friends have not read it, I will explain it.

The major changes in the setting of the present world no longer involve the real earth. It is an overhead modern social background and should not be connected with reality.

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