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Others described Cao Jiangye, the Sixth Lieutenant Colonel, as “a stranger like jade, a young man like no other in the world”, and Xu Sui felt the same way. Until he pushed her against the wall and kissed her passionately in the streets and alleys.

Mixed with the smell of tobacco and alcohol, his fingertips were burning. She was obsessed with lack of oxygen, and her thunderous heartbeat could not calm down for a long time.

The scarlet fireworks lit by Jiang Ye dyed the ends of his eyes red, and he was smiling as if he was looking at a plaything.

“It’s just for fun, now I’m tired of it. From now on, stay away from me. ”

His words were cold and biting, and she thought with suffocation that she should not like him anymore…

After meeting again after many years, he is already a new top-notch man in the entertainment industry, a man with no scandals and many stars admiring him.

She is a popular e-sports anchor and was invited to participate in the same variety show as him. In the game session, guests are required to form teams to compete.

Looking at the familiar nickname, isn’t this her top girl?

Jiang Ye, the first soft girl on the list: …

Xu Sui: What about the top male idol pretending to be a fan of me?

Late at night, there is no one in the courtyard. Under the moonlight, her profile was charming, and she stabbed him, “Aren’t you tired of it? ”

He laughed, “… I’m tired of living. ”

Later, as the sun set, he brought a handful of gypsophila as a gift to her. Amid the chirping of cicadas, time flows backwards and overlaps. Just like the summer when they first met, she lost control and sank.

“Jiang Ye, listen, summer is here. ”

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