Step-Mother has Given Up

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Shen Yan Mo was reborn. Reborn to the time when she was thrown to the village.

Before she was reborn, she was the first daughter whose parents died and was not favored. She married the Marquis of Wuchang as a stepmother, and the old lady of the Marquis was afraid that she would give birth to the first son and neglect the first son of the original Marquis Wuchang’s wife, so she was wary of Shen Yan Mo.

The marquis was afraid that Shen Yan Mo was a black-hearted stepmother who was cold-hearted and indifferent. The marquis did not consummate the marriage with Shen Yanmo and went to war, leaving Shen Yanmo alone in the Marquis Manor to be looked upon with disdain.

A year later the marquis returned triumphantly. He drunkenly pulled Shen Yan Mo to consummate the marriage, and the father of several children was like a young brat. Afterward, he disliked her and threw her to the village to fend for herself and she died during childbirth.

After being reborn, Shen Yan Mo got a divorce letter and set up her own business, keeping away from the rights and wrongs of the marquis. She did not want to be a stepmother anymore, so she focused on raising her own children, which was much better than fighting in the inner courtyards.

After many years, Shen Yan Mo found out that it was someone else with whom she consummated the marriage, and that person wanted to marry her.

Sorry, she does not want to marry.

Her ex-husband regrets the divorce and wants to get back together.

Go away.

Small theater: Ye Shaofu, who was dressed in a groom’s robe stood in front of the Shen Mansion: “Tell your wife that I’m coming to marry her. Let her out.”

Shen Mansion underling opened the door and handed over a letter: “I’m sorry, Your Highness, our Madame has gone on a long trip and her return date is uncertain.”

Ye Shaofu unfolded the letter, read a few lines and spurted out a mouthful of blood, and passed out.

Author: the male lead is a virgin, is a virgin, is a virgin. The important thing to say three times.

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