Start With The Immortal Great Emperor And Create An Eternal Immortal Sect.

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[Invincible]➕[Accepting Disciples]➕[Zong]➕[Shuangwen]➕[No Female Protagonist]➕[Decisive in Killing]➕[Big World View]

Gu Changge transmigrate Big Dipper Star Domain Eternal Sect disciple, the restricted area was in turmoil, his master died in battle, and he served his master for ten years. The system came and rewarded the Immortal Great Emperor cultivation and the Extreme Dao Emperor Weapon. With the Emperor Weapon, he single-handedly destroyed the restricted area of ​​​​life. The master takes revenge.

Unexpectedly, the Forbidden Zone of Life was not even a wave in the tide of darkness and turmoil. Gu Changge was panicked. Fortunately, the system was upgraded to the Eternal Immortal Sect system. The task of recruiting disciples was issued, and the disciples would become stronger.

Disciple Shi Yi: The natural Dual Pupils were dug out, and the stones of the Sun and Taiyin were refined into the eyes, and the Dual Pupils of Chaos were cultivated, and then the Dual Pupils of the Heavenly Eyes were obtained. Three eyes and six pupils, one pupil has one cycle of reincarnation, six pupils open six paths, so there are six paths of reincarnation! When I open my eyes, it’s dawn! When I close my eyes, it’s dark!

Second disciple Nalanran: Time body! Step into the long river of time and travel through the past, present and future. On the long river of time, I am respected. Myriad Worlds are destroyed, I alone remain! My existence is only to find Brother Sanhuo in the long river of time!

The third disciple, Jian Tongtian: Natural Sword Body, Sword Heart, Sword Soul, Sword Soul, has the peerless Sword Immortal talent! Kill the immortal with the sword body, kill the immortal with the sword heart, trap the immortal with the sword soul, and kill the immortal with the soul of the sword. No one in Myriad World dares to call him an immortal!

Until one day.

The real dark turmoil is coming!


Are all the ants in the Eternal Immortal Sect the Ten Evil Skyhorned Ants?

Are the earthworms underground in the Eternal Immortal Sect all Dragon Race dragons?

The one with the weakest cultivation among the entire sect’s disciples is the Great Emperor?

The source of dark turmoil is crazy!

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