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Overhead + Double Life + Farming Food

Mo Jingchun’s parents died and he was raised in his second uncle’s house since he was a child. He has a cowardly temperament.

In order to find a wife for their son, my uncle and aunt exchanged themselves for marriage. Who would have thought that my husband was an inhumane person who beat and scolded him frequently.

In the past five years, she had lost her teeth and swallowed blood. One day, Bo Qingshan, an unknown person at the end of the village, helped her out. That night, her husband’s family accused her of stealing and called the village chief to soak the pig cage. She was so sad and angry that she was frightened. One end was hung on the tree in front of the door.

When she opened her eyes again, she was reborn after the death of her parents. She was determined to punish the evildoers and live a peaceful life.

As for getting married… she just wants to stay away.

She was living a good life, but suddenly a group of people came to her door and said that her biological father was the king of Jiangxia County in Jingzhou.

Bo Qingshan has lost his mother since he was a child. After his father died, he was too lazy to deal with the calculations of his tribe. He left all the family property to his elder brother and found a place to live in seclusion with beautiful mountains and green land.

Although the scenery here is beautiful, it’s a pity that the people’s hearts are not beautiful.

One day he saw the bullied girl in the village being bullied by her husband’s family. He couldn’t bear it anymore and helped her. Unexpectedly, he heard that she had been forced to death that night.

Bo Qingshan always felt that he was sorry for this, and he often apologized to the girl in his dreams.

A few years later, he was assassinated. Once he was reborn, he returned to the time when he first came to the village.

In this life, in addition to finding the murderer who assassinated him, he also wanted to give this girl her life and hope that she would be safe for the rest of her life.

But one day when someone from the Jiangxia Palace came to his door, he discovered that the stuffed buns were filled with black sesame seeds.

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