Sorcerer Wants to Enjoy Poya Poya


Middle-aged teacher, Mato Mikio, dies of natural causes on the day he discovered and took revenge on the murderer of his wife and daughter.

However, his spirit was transported to a strange world and got transferred in the body of a boy named Ricardo Unius.

This strange world is called the “Playground of the Heavenly Gods”, where magical beasts and magic exist. In this world when a human kills a magical beast for the first time, they will receive a divine blessing.

The blessing was given in the form of a choice of one out of five. However, in Ricardo’s case, a sixth option appeared. 

This is the story of Ricardo (Mato)’s choice to become a sorcerer along with his growth.

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Nov 29, 2021Nocturne Translations
Nov 27, 2021Nocturne Translations
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