Solving the case: My innocent female boss wants to arrest me every day

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Story of: Solving the case: My innocent female boss wants to arrest me every day

[Non-serious traditional system text (low sense of existence and may be a fake system… ) + suspenseful case solving (fake) + single female protagonist + two-way running + non-traditional dog food + slow plot + Bao Tiantian Tiantian] [This is a dog food article! This is a dog food article! This is a dog food article! Say important things three times! ] [Old rule, the case begins in Chapter 4, the introduction is incompetent (actually the beginning is also very incompetent hahaha) , please read Chapter 50, if you don’t like it you can send me the blade~] 【Notice! This article is neither mindless nor invincible! The system’s presence is not strong! Reading the article requires a little thought! 】 After Shen Zhou returned from being an undercover agent for ten years, he originally wanted to work as a junior police officer in the Jianghai Criminal Investigation Team to retire. Unexpectedly, he discovered a new type of drug in the first internet celebrity torture and murder case he had just joined. The suicide case of a family of three was revealed by him and turned into a poisonous village. Even if you go out for a walk, you can easily solve a murder case. “Shen Zhou, you have somewhat of a Conan physique! ” Wherever there is sunshine in this world, there are shadows. Shen Zhou has come from the shadows, and now what he wants to do is to bring sunshine to more places. —— The afternoon sun is just right Si Miaomiao: “Shen Zhou, you are under arrest. ” Shen Zhou: “? ? What did I do again this time? ” “The arsonist in the heart. ” Si Miaomiao hugged his neck and whispered, “You must be responsible for me! ” Shen Zhou kissed the corner of her mouth and said, “Okay, I’ll be responsible. I’ll be responsible for the rest of my life.

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