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The silly girl from the Sun family in Mingzhou Prefecture suddenly stopped being silly one day and became smart, considerate, and loved by everyone.

Just like that, this job that the leader liked, had simple content, fished all day long, and provided food and accommodation, made Xue Ke realize for the first time that time travel is such an easy thing. What’s more, she also has the ability to read minds this time. Doesn’t that mean she can master the heroine’s script in a matter of minutes and reach the pinnacle of her life?

So she made a solemn promise.

As a time-traveling woman, she will never bully the weak, never challenge the weak, never harass the aborigines, never steal other people’s male leads, and take action first when there is injustice.

But within two days of the good days, she fell into trouble.

Because of her outstanding performance, she was transferred to serve the third young master Sun Zan, the legitimate son of the second mistress who was feared in the house? ?

Even the ability to read minds failed in front of this man who was as cold as ice and stone.

Xue Ke, who has no skill support, can only test around Sun Zan’s bottom line like crazy, jumping into minefields one after another.

And Sun Zan’s face was visibly getting darker day by day.

Until one day Xue Ke accidentally fell into Sun Zan’s arms.

What? Mind reading is good again.

Then she was caught off guard and heard Sun Zan’s heartfelt voice:

“Sister smells so good, I really want to get closer and smell it… ”

Snow Guest: ? ?

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