Since ancient times, sand devils have conquered villains

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In the suspenseful and strange novel “Records of Common People”, Jiang Baiyan was lonely when he was young. Because of his special bloodline, he was taken into custody in the Shi Mansion in Chang’an.

The clear-tempered young man has a pair of sparkling peach blossom eyes, but inside he is a paranoid and sinister lunatic. He is destined to gradually turn dark in suffering and humiliation and bring trouble to the world.

Once Shi Dai traveled through time, she became the Miss Shi Mansion who made things difficult for him in every possible way and eventually died without a burial place.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t finish the novel.

In Shi Dai’s known plot, Jiang Baiyan is just a silent, shy, poor little guy who is always bullied.


Jiang Baiyan had never seen anyone like Shi Dai.

After he slaughtered all the evil spirits in the garden.

The blood-stained young man was full of murderous intent, his eyes were like Shura ghosts, he was approaching her step by step, and a nasty smile appeared on his lips: “Are you afraid? ”

Shi Dai: “That’s amazing! I applauded until the spiral flew in a crazy full circle and flew around the moon three hundred times – and you actually have dimples when you smile! ”

Jiang Baiyan: … ?

After seeing her going to a lantern festival with another man.

Jiang Baiyan lowered his eyes, twirled his fingertips around her hair, and said in a joking and gloomy tone: “The mansion in the western suburbs… If I hide you in it, no one will find it, right? ”

Shi Dai: “Is food and accommodation included? Can I sleep in every day? Oh yes, your cooking is delicious. ”

Jiang Baiyan: … ?

Jiang Baiyan should have hated her, but when they were about to leave, his eyes were red and he pulled her sleeves: “Don’t let me go, okay–”

Shi Dai: “Okay, okay, as long as you are, Bo Chi. ”

Jiang Baiyan: … ?

It seemed like he hadn’t had time to finish reading the lines.

【Reading Guide】

1. Suspenseful monster-catching background, emotional and plot line practice.

2. Happy Little Sun x Awkward and Surly Devil, probably a collection of sexy tricks to survive under the hands of a yandere.

[——-The following is the pre-received article! ———]

“Our society may be like this”


Wen Ying is a mildly socially anxious person who doesn’t like to talk and hates social interaction. Her complaints are all based on her inner drama. One day she dressed up as a female supporting character in a fairy tale.

The female partner is a wealthy lady who has been doted on since childhood. She falls in love with the male lead Xue Dinghan at first sight and stalks her.

Xue Dinghan, whose origin is unknown, is extremely talented and beautiful, and he travels with the protagonist group all the way. Unfortunately, he is not a decent man, but a demon king wearing a vest, and the biggest villain in the book.

In order to advance the plot, Wen Ying had to pretend to have a deep love for Xue Dinghan, and struggled to maintain the persona of a social butterfly who could have both sides.

What she didn’t know was that due to the confusion of time and space, Xue Dinghan could hear her heart.

Xue Dinghan was seriously injured and on the verge of death due to betrayal, hiding his true identity and dormant in the world. The first time she saw Wen Ying, the girl was shy and called “Young Master” in a low voice.

At the same time, her whisper sounded in the sea of ​​consciousness:

[Is this the big villain? I heard that he was extremely violent and hated his original owner, so I was asked to pretend that I had deep feelings for him, which is really… ]

【Great! 】

On the first day they met, Wen Ying declined the banquet in the mansion and stayed in front of his door: “Young master is injured and I feel worried. Can you stay here? ”

Xue Dinghan had no expression on his face and listened to her heart.

[Thanks to taking care of him as an excuse, I was able to refuse the family dinner. If you really want to call out the seven aunts and eight uncles one by one, you might as well kill me. 】

[Some people are alive, which is actually equivalent to being dead. Xue Dinghan ignored me and didn’t want to say a word. Rounding it all off, I’m the only one in this place. It’s wonderful. 】

When she narrowly escaped death, Wen Ying blocked the fatal sword for him according to the plot, her eyes filled with water: “Mr. Xue, I have no regrets for you. ”

In the chilling winter wind, her true words were clearly discernible.

[Fortunately, I brought a protective weapon with me. I should have only suffered a scratch, right? It’s great to be able to lie alone in bed for half a month to recuperate! 】

Rotten peach blossoms came to his door one after another. Wen Ying remained unmoved and gazed lovingly into his eyes: “Mr. Xue is the best, no one in the world can match him. ”

——[Thank you, social fear is a must-have tool at home. Cut off peach blossoms, avoid relatives, and avoid socializing. No doubt, you’d better use it. 】

Xue Dinghan: … ha.


The progress has reached the middle and late stages. In the original text, Xue Dinghan’s disgust for the female supporting character reached its peak due to her constant entanglement.

In front of the flowers and under the moonlight, Wen Ying conscientiously followed the plot, with tears in her eyes, and locked Xue Dinghan in the corner: “I have poisoned you with love, which can only be cured by the fusion of spiritual consciousness. The pain of this poison is unbearable, can you endure it? When? Ask me and I will help you. ”

The passionate, perverse and willful villain has a spring in her eyes, and her sea of ​​consciousness is filled with her inner thoughts.

[How could the onions used to smoke my eyes be washed like this? I still can’t stop crying. 】

[I’m sorry, big brother, I have to work hard for you to get through tonight. I’ll make you stewed bird’s nest tomorrow to make amends. 】

[Reject me, humiliate me, and drive me away. This kind of scene and lines are so embarrassing… but he looks really good like this. 】

A low laugh interrupted her thoughts.

The moonlight was misty like water, Xue Dinghan’s thin lips were red, he held her index finger, his long and narrow phoenix eyes were beautiful and entangled: “Miss Wen, please give it to me. ”

Wen Ying: …?

【? ? 】【You, you, you were also soul-pierced? 】【What should I do? I’m so shy】【$¥&*% (garbled code) 】Purpose: Respect differences.

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