shock!The male protagonist of this plane has died, and I am very pregnant.

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[Single pampering, good pregnancy and many children, sweet article + yandere and beautiful heroine, with strategy + emotional line]

After Qu Xingfan joined the male and female protagonist from the fifth plane, the system erupted into a sharp explosion while watching this scene.

After finishing the game, its host became more and more crazy.

In order to prevent Qu Xingfan from going dark and without a bottom line, the Lord God directly packaged the system with her and kicked her into the pregnancy plane.

Goal: Give birth to an heir for the male protagonist, accumulate good fortune, and eliminate the blackening value.

Plane [-]: Marrying an emperor for the second time and pampering Jiao Fang alone

Emperor Chongwen of the Qian Dynasty had nothing to show for his 29-year reign. Seeing that he had no heir even in his middle age, the hair of all civil and military officials in the dynasty turned white with worry.

When Qu Xingfan came back, he thought that his cheap husband with disabled legs was the male protagonist, wasn’t he just giving birth to a baby? With a wave of his hand, all the beauties in the eighteenth room were sent in.

In the end, I discovered that I had made the wrong choice.

Private Marseille, system sauce, I thought other people’s lives were considered pinched.

System: Destroy it, I’m tired

Later, Emperor Chongwen realized that the way he looked at Mrs. Wu Zhouhou was not really innocent.

Plane [-]: The emperor’s uncle marries first and then falls in love, taking care of everything step by step.

The scumbag PUAs me, and I turn around and become his royal aunt.

Later, when we met again in the palace, Qu Xingfan was sitting on the sedan chair, touching his pregnant belly, and said contemptuously: “Why don’t you kneel down, nephew? Why don’t you call me Auntie Huang? ”

The scumbag looked at the emperor’s uncle who was protecting Qu Xingfan and couldn’t even think about it.

No one knew that at night in the palace, with flickering lights, he had been thinking about his nephew’s fiancée for three years.

Later, in order to get her, he used the most despicable means in his life.

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