She was reborn as a loving man, but her wife in her previous life was anxious.

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Story of: She was reborn as a loving man, but her wife in her previous life was anxious.

[Rebirth + Love + Slow Love + Don’t Enter If You Are Not Happy] “Love is always misunderstood by thin love, and your heart is not as good as mine. ” In his previous life, Su Ming loved Zhang Ruoyan for ten years, from his ignorant youth to his entry into society. When it comes to deep-fried dough sticks and romance, he says he is second, but no one dares to say he is first! But in the end, after many years of marriage, he was still scarred. Su Ming, who was reborn in this life, vowed not to be a “licking dog! ” Facing his previous wife, Zhang Ruoyan, he just wanted to say to her: “You are a good person! ” After all, after many years of marriage, he knew Zhang Ruoyan well. Now, he tired! He saw himself clearly! He wants to change his identity. After all, he “licks the dog” and “licks the dog” until there is nothing left! “You can’t die even if you lick a dog! ” Facing the changes in Su Ming in this life, Zhang Ruoyan panicked. She thought that as long as she took care of his mood a little, he would still be like a puppy and follow her around. Around. However, when she looked back, she found that Su Ming was no longer behind her. “Su Ming, come back! I asked you to come back! ” “I’m sorry, I just want to live for myself in this life! ” “Su Ming, I like you, I really like you! Can you come back! ” “No, We can’t go back! ” “Why, isn’t it good to follow me? ” “Why? ” Seeing the girl ask back, Su Ming smiled even brighter! He asked, “How do you feel about following me? ” “I’m tired of licking you all my life!

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