She Came Home to Inherit Her Family Wealth, but She’s Actually a Big Shot!

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Three major events have happened to the Huo family in the capital! The first major event was that the unlucky omen, Huo Man, who jinxed her own grandmother, returned from the countryside! The second major event was when the head of the Huo family’s lawyer announced the contents of his will at the funeral. The old man wanted to hand over all the family wealth to Huo Man. He also mentioned that if Huo Man gave up her right of inheritance, everything would be donated to charity instead! This news caused everyone present, including the Huo family members, to be incredibly shocked! No one thought that Master Huo would make such a decision. This made all the Huo family members who thought they would get the wealth grit their teeth. But that wasn’t all. The third major event was that Master Huo wanted Huo Man and Shen Bei to marry! Who was Shen Bei? Shen Bei was the wealthiest man around, a talented young man whom everyone was eyeing as a son-in-law or husband due to the wealth he had. Now, a cheap, countryside girl was going to get her hands on him! With these three major events at the front of everyone’s mind, Huo Man’s every move in the capital was watched. Thus, Huo Man was forced to start proving everyone wrong. Her sister said she was a useless student who couldn’t study? Sorry, she’s the youngest outstanding graduate from Sente College. Her brother called her a hillbilly? Sorry, she has the world’s top hacking organization under her control. Her mother asked her to pay for damages? Sorry, she’s the most famous trader on Wall Street. As long as she wanted to, she could instantly bring her net worth up to more than 100 billion! She was proficient in piano, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine, and tea. Shen Bai, what does one do when their wife is too skilled? Well, learn from each other! Shen Bei brought a pen and paper to Huo Man and said, “Here. Write down what you don’t know. ”He wanted to shine brightly in the areas that Huo Man wasn’t good at so that she could see his charms. However…“I won’t love you. ”Shen Bei! Dead! At the age of 26!

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