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Bian Yi was the antagonist of a BL Novel who got his body stolen by a transmigrator.

Bian Yi became aware of that fact only after being imprisoned for more than a decade.

In this book, Bian Yi and his childhood friend Kou Li, who also happened to be the Gong Protagonist, fell in love with each other and got married. However, when Kou Li suffered a decline in his business, Bian Yi left his son and ran away. The antagonist canon fodder who ran away didn’t expect that Kou Li would be able to rise again in a few days, nor did he expect that the son he abandoned would become an absolute genius in the future.

The transmigrator was sent to the moment Bian Yi left home. He, who was well aware of the plot, and had the same face as Bian Yi, brought big bags of gifts to Bian Yi and Kou Li’s home.

The door was opened and a storm brewed into the eyes of the man at the other side of the door.

The transmigrator tilted his head, smiled at Kou Li, and said to him: “What is it? You know how hard it is to raise a kid, right? Don’t be angry with me, I brought you a present.”

Since then, both his husband and son no longer belonged to Bian Yi.

Ever since that moment, the trapped Bian Yi tried everything to escape. However, he failed to free himself every single time. In the end, he died with great resentment.

Bian Yi thought that this would be the end of his miserable life, but he never expected that a voice, who claimed to be a ‘Revenge System’, would find him.

Bian Yi then returned to the first year after being replaced.

The first thing Bian Yi did, once he came back, was to buy a knife at a supermarket and rush towards Kou Li’s house. As he held the knife against his former husband’s neck, he shouted crazily: “Are you f*cking blind?!”

There was blood dripping on the floor.

Bian Yi was pinned against the wall, and his neck was bitten roughly by that man.

Kou Li, whose lips were still stained with Bian Yi’s blood, was acting even madder than Bian Yi. When suddenly, Bian Yi heard that man’s hoarse voice ringing in his ears: “After seventeen years, you’re finally back.”

Author’s clarification:

1. Gong and Shou are exclusively with each other. The Gong has never been with the Transmigrator.

2. Double rebirth. HE (happy ending). Their son was artificially conceived.

3. There may be situations in which both the Gong and Shou suddenly go mad.

4.【Key point: The character at the beginning of the novel isn’t the protagonist! He’s not the protagonist! Not the protagonist!!!】

5. Not a sweet novel.

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