Seeking good luck and avoiding bad luck starts with the Golden Family

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[I traveled through time and was reincarnated into the Changkong clan of the Golden Family, playing with hawks and dogs, riding horses and holding spears. 】

Fang Yang: “This is a good start. ”

[Within the Changkong clan, the Fang surname is in serious decline and has missed its most prosperous period. There are more wolves and less meat. 】

Fang Yang: “This is a bit bad. ”

[Awakening talent: Seeking good luck and avoiding disaster: Once an opportunity is in front of you, you can make a choice based on fortune, obtain opportunities, and avoid disasters… ]

Fang Yang: “The way to change fortunes and misfortunes, my golden finger is very powerful! ”

[The opening ceremony marks the beginning of the road to immortality. On Longyin Peak, there are endless mysteries, and life encounters forks in the road and choices. 】

[Winning the lottery, climbing up the ladder of fire, and getting a third-level opportunity, the eagle strikes the sky, and the fire burns the sky, which is auspicious. 】

[Winning the lottery, climbing up the water belongs to the ladder, if you don’t do it well, if you don’t fight, you won’t move, you will gain nothing, lose nothing, it will be flat. 】

[If you sign a lottery, climbing a high tree is a ladder, you may get a seventh-level opportunity, but it hides big hidden dangers, hidden risks, and great disasters. 】

Fang Yang: “A third-level opportunity would be great. I want stable happiness and peace of mind. ”

At this point, Fang Yang started the simple mode of life.

Good things come one after another, but disasters retreat.

The world rises and falls, ebbs and flows.

In the dangerous world of spiritual practice, Fang Yang turned danger into good fortune, achieved stability and success, and attained Taoism in a relaxed and happy way.

He is happy and happy, and he is indifferent to the changes in the world and the ups and downs of others.


Above the heavens, the long river of time surges.

Another Immortal Emperor who is popular throughout the ages is born!

Fang Yang slowly turned around, holding one hand behind his back, the clouds were light and the wind was gentle:

“I have seen many talented practitioners who have led the waves. After thousands of waves have passed, I am the only one who remains standing. ”

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