School Beauty Bai Si Was Shocked When She Flew With A Sword After School

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[Fishing all over the world + urban immortality + school beauty in white silk stockings + royal sister in black silk stockings + pictures + imperfect heroes + the protagonist’s appearance is explosive and her temperament is off the charts]

This book is also called: “In the Age of Dharma Ending, I am the only one in the world who cultivates immortality! ” 》

“After the age of eighteen, I can taste the goddesses from all over the world! ” 》

“On the day I registered for college, I descended from the sky on colorful auspicious clouds! 》

“The only Qi practitioner in the city, I lead the Dragon Kingdom to invade all heavens and realms! ” 》

On the eve of the college entrance examination, Cai Shaofan accidentally learned that his classmate girlfriend whom he had been dating for three years was actually shopping with another man!

I wanted to rush over and beat up this couple, but the fishing system of the heavens was accidentally awakened!

My first time fishing in Zhutian, I caught a storage bag! There are immortal cultivation techniques inside! Panacea! Magic weapon! Cai Shaofan directly became the first immortal cultivator in Blue Star!

The second time I fished in Zhutian, I caught an ingot of gold ingot! Cai Shaofan sold it back for 110, 000 yuan!

The third time I fished in the heavens, I caught a soul beast, the Wind Demon Wolf cub! Cai Shaofan fed him with his backhand and asked him to look after the home and nursery! Full of security!

The fourth time I fished in Zhutian, I caught a thousand-year-old snow ginseng! Eating one slice can rejuvenate and prolong life!

With these treasures obtained from fishing, Cai Shaofan soon caused a sensation in the city!

Pure school beauty! The cold lady! Sweet loli! Charming young woman! Everyone is attracted by Cai Shaofan! Everyone wants to have a sweet love with Cai Shaofan!

Especially the cheating on the second-generation rich man’s first love girlfriend, he regrets it even more! Crying and kneeling, trying to win back Cai Shaofan!

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