Salvation Equation


After participating in the war, Count Nottingham was severely injured and retreated into the world. Madeline, who was tormented by his arrogance and coldness, plotted a secret meeting to get away from the Count. She died in regret, but when she woke up, she was seventeen again. It was a year before the big war.

For a while, she vowed never to be involved with the man again, but the fate of the two began to get entangled helplessly…

The man completely lost the composure he had maintained. From his appearance, Madeline sensed familiarity. It reminded her of the Count who had held her captive.

Why was she so sad when she should hate him? Humans may eventually be trapped in their own confines and unable to get out. Just as the Count was her prison, she thought she might have been the Count’s prison too.

“Master Nottingham.”

Madeline couldn’t help the sad expression on her face. She didn’t know how that look would make the man sway. She continued to speak quietly.

“You and I can’t be together.”

The love story between the two unfolding across the continent, time and space. Will they be able to save each other?

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