Ring Connection

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Shin Woo Seo.

Red bands—rings—connected to fated partners.

When a red ring appears on the left hand’s ring finger, one will not be able to fall asleep unless one has contact with the other partner.

And so, I’ve been in an unrequited love for five years, leading to a partner who’s his brother and a ring.

“It’s my brother’s business… On his left ring finger, there’s a ring.”

‘You don’t have to stretch out your left hand and point at your ring finger, I already know. I do, too.’

My mouth felt dry and my fingertips numb. I tried to erase the feeling by clenching my fists, but the pain of my fingernails digging into my palm only reminded me of the prickling feeling in my chest.

“He’s been dying these past few days because he couldn’t find his partner. I think he can’t sleep.”

I could only tell him one thing.

“Find someone…quickly.”

Kang Ji Geon

I’ve fallen in love with someone who has a secret crush on my younger brother…

I suppressed my heart for three years. I found something like a ring on the ring finger of that kid’s left hand.

‘I don’t want to let go.’

Between my fingers holding Woo Seo’s hand, I could see a red band carved in a ring on his ring finger.

As soon as I saw the ring, I felt overwhelmed with joy. The red band connected to Shin Woo Seo gradually broke down the frustration somewhere in my heart.

A snake as black as coal escaped through the cracks, saying it was an opportunity.

“An hour a day is fine. Let’s sleep together.”

During that time, I intend to change the shape of the superficial rings we have.

Even if Shin Woo Seo doesn’t want it.

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