Reborn As a Pirate


[The Great Sailing Era] [Pirates of the Caribbean] [Black Sails] [Navy Action]

This is the last glorious era of sailing battleships…

A storm is brewing on the European continent, and the Caribbean skull flag is flying.

With longing for Napoleon, he bid farewell to the dilapidated Sicilian farm; Nelson became the captain, and the slender warship anchored out of the port.

There are also those mysterious legends circulating and fermenting in the corners of the world.

The fountain of eternal youth, alchemy, divination, wizards, and those mysterious powers that have been passed down in the bloodstream and have not been diluted for hundreds of years…

The descendants of the evil dragon on the sea once again suspended the privateer permit.

Lorraine shouted against the wind: “Valkyrie, set sail, set sail!”

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