Reborn as a Cripple

Reborn as a Cripple
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[Job Recruitment Online] aka [JRO]

Find and master your own job from over 1,000 jobs! That’s the catchphrase of the game. The protagonist, who abandoned his real-life job hunting and devoted his entire life to the game, died of a blood clot due to lack of exercise and sleep caused by playing games for an average of 20 hours a day.

When I woke up, a man and a woman who I had seen from somewhere before were right before my eyes.

Who are they? When I took a closer look at them, I realized that they had the same appearance and name as the NPCs who were frequently involved in the storyline as a marquess of martial arts in [JRO].

Could it be that I reincarnated in the game’s world?!

The protagonist, who was born as “Heid-Dukehardt” the eldest son of a martial arts marquess family, wants to play this game even after reincarnation! Consequently, I’m going to abolish leveling at the pace of my previous life.

I was just doing things as I liked, but before I knew it, I was being praised as the “Child Prodigy of the Marquess Family”.

However, on the day of Heid’s coming of age, he was given the title of [Farmer], which was the weakest profession in this world.

He was supposed to be the prodigious child of the marquess family, but when he got a weak profession, he became a disappointment and was exiled from his house for being a disgrace to the family.

“What? Isn’t it common sense among the [JRO] fanatics that [Farmers] are the strongest?”

This is the story of Heid whose profession, [Farmer], which was thought to be the weakest, decides to use his knowledge of strategies from [JRO] to become the strongest and change this world’s common sense.

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