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In the era of shipping in the 80s, the docks were everywhere, the machine tools were spread out, the flags were flying, the long voyages were ringing, and the lighthouses were shining brightly.

Large ships sailing into the ocean, riding the wind and waves on the sea, the old and the new on the island are handed over. Here, you fight against the sky, against the sea, against the wind, and against people.


Sun Bailu’s ancestors were all leading fishery bosses. She grew up in a sunny fishing village.

Everyone expected her to live a glorious life, but her family was ruined and her old age was miserable. In the end, she jumped into the sea in loneliness and despair, ending her miserable life.

Back when she was young, she is still the big celebrity in Huanhai Township that everyone knows and everyone pays attention to.

In addition to revenge, she also wants to change the tragic fate of the whole family.

Continue to catch up with the tide and collect treasures, go to the sea to accumulate wealth, the stars and the sea are already in front of her eyes, and she has a new dream. She wants to go to the most gorgeous and bright movie circle, stand in the place where everyone is looking, and become the light of the past life before death. The last ray of light in her life.

By the way, she also snatched the peerless beautiful boy who died in a shipwreck at the age of 16~

Female protagonist: top-notch appearance + focus on making money + top social cattle + high-intensity execution + even hair is full of fighting spirit

Male protagonist: Gentle and scheming + hypocritical and gloomy + black-bellied and world-weary + clingy in the later stage

1v1 one-way healing, the heroine will always be a little sun~

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