Rebirth of the Famous Wife: Li Shao and the Thief


In her last life, she was framed and sent into prison.

After being born again, she felt just like a vengeful general, ruining all the tricks and pitfalls, dumping that scum male, braving a vicious stepmother, just to protect everything that she wants to guard.

In her last life, she treated the only man who was like a god, who loved her, like nothing, and regretted it.

After the rebirth, she tries her best to get close to him, asking for hugs, hugging his thigh, acting spoiled.

Li Jingzhao always guarded against her: “Tang Nuanhua, what kind of tricks are you playing?”

She warmly smiled: “I am not playing any tricks, I was very serious just now… I want to chase you!”

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