Rebirth in the apocalypse: starting from beating the crippled school beauty goddess

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Story of: Rebirth in the apocalypse: starting from beating the crippled school beauty goddess

[Rebirth in the apocalypse + no heroine + super powers + evolutionary mutation + system + lone wolf + decisive killing] (You will be invincible after the second volume, please read it patiently) (PS: Keep the Virgin out) On this day, Aquamarine Star undergoes a drastic change! Humans are no longer the overlord of the world, and alien monsters are rampant! [Abyss] [Outside the Territory] [Alien Battlefield]… The “game field” and life graveyard appear out of thin air! Is it a high-dimensional creature? Or is an unknown god controlling all of this? And this has also brought evolution to human genes that have been “sinking” for a long time! … Yun Bai lives a new life. The first thing is to go to the university campus belle’s invitation to cripple her and harvest her alien crystals after the end of the world. The system was accidentally bound after the end of the world. Goldfinger: Every evolution can improve to a higher level! Ordinary powers have become top powers with the improvement of the system. Having a top power is like a smoking man from the ancestral grave, and every power of Yun Bai is a top power! He is the forerunner of the end times, or the forerunner of evolution! … A certain person with superpowers: I was chased and beaten by aliens, and the alien demons ran away when they saw him? A certain demon: Can anyone stop him? This kid comes to our place every day to cause damage, and we refresh it every few hours on average! The boss at the gathering place: I don’t want to be his nanny either. I have no choice but to be controlled by his mind… . And one day, Yun Bai gained the ability to adapt and discovered a new world. After the body adapts to evolution, it will be upgraded to a higher level by the system! Yun Bai: Damn it, it turns out that abilities and systems can be used together?

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