Rebirth 86: I use games to kick open the door to the world

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Recently, a reporter conducted an exclusive interview with Zuo Zhen at the World Contribution Award Ceremony of the World United Nations General Assembly.

“Zuo Zhen, a legendary figure who rose up in the barbaric era and made people truly understand the meaning of video games. ”

“You develop countless interesting games and use this as an opportunity to develop a mature semiconductor industry system. ”

“You were doubted by countless people at first, but in the end you were proven right. ”

Faced with these compliments, Zuo Zhen felt helpless.

“It all starts from the time when the dream began. ”

“My initial goal was just to pay back 1000 yuan. ”

“As for the achievements you mentioned, they are all unintentional. ”

The interview is over, and the title of the interview is: “A low-key and humble gamer”

At the same time, domestic players were celebrating the moment when Zuo Zhen won the award.

“Wow, my beloved Minecraft is finally recognized by the world! ”

“Looking at your achievements, shouldn’t the most important thing to celebrate is that Black Myth won the best game of the year? ”

“The one upstairs, I think Gu Jian Qi Tan can fight with him. ”

“The Dyson Sphere plan isn’t bad either, is it? ”

“You seem to have forgotten Overwatch, right? This is a top game recognized all over the world. It is a good game that fully embodies the harmony and love between countries and jointly fight against fate! ”

“Sorry, orcs will never be slaves! ”


This book is a parallel world and has nothing to do with the real world. Any similarity is purely coincidental.

This book focuses on game production and focuses on experience. It will have some commercial content, but not much.

The minimum release date is 60 words per day, and there are two completed books with [-] words guaranteed.

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