This story starts off with quite the refreshing protagonist tbh. Yuri seems to strive for nothing but normalcy and peace, save for the fact that she takes requests from the underworld as a mercenary of sorts. Although her missions aren’t a big deal, the ability that she has (which pushed her into the underworld) is really pivotal to her situation. She’s a mutant of sorts and apparently her kind is not that welcome anywhere. But back to the actual plot, it is easy to ship the dethroned king of the underworld and our lovable and emotionless FL. She doesn’t go out of her way to meddle with the original story, save for her gaining a liking the the original protag and keeping her away from the danger that is Lakis. She doesn’t push him away either and instead as you get closer to c65 things start to heat up between the two, although it’s limited to just kisses and hugs for now. Looking forward to catching up to the story, things are getting interesting.

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