After reading, despite skipping some chapters because broken link, I’ve come to the conclusion that their dynamic of their personalities (main or side) are common but fun and interesting. They’re consistent with to who they are, and even if something did change, the change was something good. So, good in fact that it warms your heart.


I view the ML (Alberto) as the common emotions first character, and something quite annoying. His actions are immature, and comes of insincere even if he himself IS already. Probably, due to the fact that he has less narration of his thoughts.

In comparison to the FL (Claudia), where her rationality often comes first, that her heart just follows naturally. She isn’t a very jealous woman, the entire opposite of the ML. That it gives off a fresh taste of FL, where they’re usually swayed by their emotions still despite having their smarts ‘on’ in deciding or doing things. This makes her the least fickle and consistent woman, I’ve ever read at least.

I can compare them to ‘Lady to Queen’.

If you like to read it, please go on and do.

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