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Falling down the pond is a sweet but painful story that starts with a misunderstanding and a mistake.

Ye Qin is a short tempered, arrogant rich teenager that suspects his father is cheating on his mom and sends a detective to investigate it, but the job is not so well done and it results that the mistress of his dad is called Cheng Xin and has a son that studies at the same highschool than him, Cheng FeiChi, the top student.

At the same time his friend Zhou Feng targets FeiChi because the girl he likes is in love with him and Ye Qin decides to take revenge for his father’s supposed illegitimate child and the humiliation at his mom.

His so called friends give him advice on how to make FeiChi fall, and is breaking his heart after making him fall in love with Ye Qin.

So, this goes on bitter and sweetly because Qin also falls in love with FeiChi, but he’s so dumb to recognize it in front of his “friends”. In the end FeiChi discovered the truth in a very difficult day and with his heart, his hope breaks apart and decides to study abroad as his manipulative mother wished, and his absent father needed.

Then, they reunite again 5 years later, and FeiChi’s coldness makes Qin’s heart ache.

This story has a happy ending though, and the way the author takes us through the story is nice, even the extras are great, this is the reason why I wish a translating group takes it someday, I have the Chinese raw file (not the extras but I could try to get them too).

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