Quickly wear her to save the tragic male partner by getting pregnant

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[Quick travel + small number of children + strong female + 1V1, slicing the male protagonist, high-energy reminder ahead, the female protagonist is a powerful sister, not the soft and easy-to-push type, but the male protagonist type]

Xie Yunting was bound to a childbirth system after his death. As long as he gave birth to children for the tragic male partners in various small worlds, changing the tragic fate of the tragic male partners would give him a chance to live.

Hexagon Warrior Xie Yunting said, simple!

World 1: Domineering and mysterious female bandit x shy and determined young general

Who said that a melon that was forced upon someone was not sweet? The husband she had forcibly snatched from the village was very sweet, and she was told to love him every night.

World 2: The puppet queen with an unstable foundation

During the alliance meeting, he went to the wrong room and went to the wrong bed, and he mistook the emperor of another country for the man who came to his door. Is it normal to have a baby after a brief moment of love?

World 3: Among women, the merchant widow of Zhuge X is a pervert who criticizes the powerful prime minister

The richest black widow in the world covets the mad and powerful prime minister who has all the power in the world, and buys the powerful prime minister for a short time with her daughter’s money.

(The author’s introduction is useless, please move to the main text to read. It is not easy to have children. The heroine will not have more children. There are at most two in each world. Read the article rationally. It is a cruelty-free sweet article. Please feel free to eat. )

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